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GDPR Compliance with EOH Europe

GDPR Compliance with EOH Europe

In April 2016, the European Parliament brought in a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to improve data protection for European Union (EU) citizens and improve information practices for data processed within the EU. EOH can assist and advisor your organisation in the review and change activities necessary to help ensure your processes and technology are compliant.

EOH Information Services and Compliance

EOH information services can assist you on your journey to compliance. Our services research regulatory changes and help organisations prepare for the necessary transformation.

Good Information management is essential for an organisation to embed the necessary practices and become and/or remain compliant. Information management is the foundation to understanding the data being collected, how it is used and what it can tell a business about its customers and itself.

EOH is committed to helping customers in the continuous delivery of suitable and sustainable products and services through delivery mechanisms that consider regulatory needs.

EOH can support organisations through:

  • Review data and information practices against regulatory requirements
  • Provide findings and risks to help improve practices
  • Provide outsourced Data Protection Office (DPO) services
  • Identify and embed the necessary data tools to help with your compliance journey
  • Identify the organisations maturity level against good practice and regulatory guidelines
  • Develop a roadmap for change to embed the necessary practices
  • Provide resources to deliver the identified requirements
  • Contractual review of third parties services against good practice and regulatory guidelines
  • Help to embed practices and changes to help enable compliance
  • Add analytics to continuously monitor your progress and continuously improve
  • Proactively monitor performance and availability (Splunk)

EOH can assist organisations of their journey to compliance for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and E-Privacy Regulation (EPR) that are due to take effect in May 2018.

Note: Solutions can be delivered on premise, remotely; for long term or to meet short term project requirements.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services with EOH Europe

As part of the new data protection regulation (GDPR), a Data Protection office shall be required by those organisation that are public, have more than 250 employees and/or who process large amounts of personal data. EOH services offer organisations the possibility to have a DPO as a service. This service provides your organisation with the necessary advice and review capabilities need to comply with this regulation.


GDPR Compliance with EOH Europe

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